1 in 2 urban Indians cites access to high-quality healthcare as their primary concern regarding cancer, according to a study.

A recent study conducted by the Ipsos global market research firm has revealed that, as per their findings, a noteworthy proportion of urban Indians, specifically one out of every two, assert that they have access to high-quality healthcare services. This study sheds light on the perception of healthcare quality among urban Indian residents. Further details about the research, including its methodology and sample size, would be necessary to assess the significance of this claim comprehensively.

According to a study conducted by the global market research firm Ipsos, one out of every two urban Indians claims to have access to high-quality healthcare.

According to the Ipsos Global Health Service Monitor 2023, 53% of Indian citizens asked said they have access to decent healthcare facilities, compared to 48% of the global population.

The study included 23,274 participants from 31 different countries. Singapore, Switzerland, and Malaysia rank higher in the rankings, with 71%, 68%, and 66% of their residents rating their healthcare services as excellent. Poland (14%), Hungary (15%), and Peru (16%) have the lowest citizen satisfaction with their healthcare system.

According to the report, most urban Indians (59%) are most concerned about cancer, whilst most worldwide citizens (44%) are more concerned about mental health.

Among the Indians polled, 71% say there is equality in healthcare facilities in their nation, which is the most in the world, ahead of Malaysia (65%), Spain (64%), and Singapore (61%). However, only 41% of worldwide residents shared this assessment of their countries. Hungary (14%), Poland (23%), and Chile (24%), are among the countries with the lowest ratings.

According to the Ipsos survey, 75% of urban Indians trust the country’s healthcare system, which is the most of any country surveyed. Singapore (69%), Spain (69%), and Malaysia (68%) are the other top players, with a high number of residents trusting their healthcare system. The countries with the least faith in their systems are Hungary (15%), Peru (27%), and Poland (32%).

India is ranked first in the world for the simplicity of getting a doctor’s appointment in the local region. While 70% of its inhabitants said it was easy to get a doctor’s appointment, only 46% of global citizens said the same for their respective countries. India ranked first in this area, followed by South Korea (64%), Malaysia (61%), South Africa (61%), and Singapore (60%). France (32%), Peru (32%), Germany (33%), and Canada (33%), have the citizens who say it is the most difficult to acquire a doctor’s appointment in their location.

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