ICHR isn’t changing Indian history; it’s just filling in the blanks: Govt

The government told the Lok Sabha on Monday that the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) has not started a project to rewrite Indian history. Instead, it is only “filling gaps” in Indian history.

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan wrote back to CPI member K Subbarayan’s starred question, “No, Sir. The ICHR in Delhi hasn’t started any work to change Indian history.

Later, Congress member Manish Tewari asked a follow-up question and said that the Education Ministry and the ICHR were “in conflict.” “From the minister’s answer, it seems like there is a contradiction… The ICHR keeps saying in public, over and over again, “We are rewriting history.” We are writing a complete history of India. It will be published in 12 to 13 volumes, the first of which will come out in March 2023. There are more than 100 historians working on that project, Tewari said.

“There are two separate ideas. One is changing history, which is a good way to end things and is a well-known idea all over the world. The other is rewriting history, which is a very harmful and pretentious idea. This is a process of rediscovering the current story by pinning it to historical anchors. “Everyone who has tried to change history from Bismarck to Zia-ul-Haq has failed with this method,” Tewari said.

“So, my question to the minister is, if the ICHR isn’t changing history, what exactly are they doing?” Tewari asked the minister to explain to the House why what you are telling the House and what the ICHR is saying are not the same thing.

Pradhan repeated what he had said in writing and said that there are no plans to change the past. He did say, though, that the ICHR has taken a step towards history. “This country has been ruled by other people at different times over the past 1100–1200 years. If we look at the country from that time, we can see that there were many kingdoms that did a lot to show off its culture, civilization, and identity… “This should be in the past right now,” Pradhan said.

He said that the ICHR “fills the void.” “We’re not writing again. We’re putting together a full history by drawing very simple lines… Only that much is what we do. Only that much is done by the ICHR. Nothing will happen if you yell.”

Satya Pal Singh, a member of the BJP, said that the PM had talked about getting rid of all signs of subservience on August 15, 2022. He then asked if it wasn’t necessary to rewrite history to get rid of all the signs of subservience. In response, Pradhan said that the government thinks India is a country with many different kinds of people. “This is what India thinks, and it doesn’t need to be changed,” he said.

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