5 Questions | Nihal Chand: “Sriganganagar is home to 5 million Sikhs, but there is no train that goes between there and Amritsar.”

Nihal Chand, a BJP MP from Sriganganagar, talks to The Indian Express about how trains connect Sikhs in his district to places of worship like Amritsar.

Why did you bring it up?

The train from Bikaner to Puri stops in my district for 90 minutes. I wanted to get the attention of the government to say that if this time could be cut down, more people could be helped.

How can we do that?

The 14709 train stops for 90 minutes. If they decide to run it to Amritsar, the stop time can be cut down by a lot, and no extra resources are needed because the train stays still.

Why does this matter?

Five million Sikhs live in my district. There is no train that goes to Amritsar from there. For this reason, I think it’s important to have a train.

How has the Minister of Railways reacted to this?

He’s been a very good person. I got calls from the Railway Board right after I spoke, and the minister also told me that it would be done. Officials asked me to explain what I was asking for.

Does your group have any other requests?

We’re very happy that Railways gave our constituency a goods shed. The Vande Bharat Express also has a pit line. The minister has been very open to what we’ve asked for.

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