India vs England 2nd Test: What the hundred means to Shubman Gill

India vs England 2nd Test witnesses Gill's fight for survival and redemption

In a stunning turn of events at Visakhapatnam, Shubman Gill, living on borrowed time, staged a resilient comeback with a century that could reshape his cricketing fate. Gill’s hundred, though not flawless, brings a sigh of relief as he cements his spot for the upcoming Tests against England.

The early wobble on Day 3 set the stage for Gill’s crucial innings, facing tough competition with Shreyas Iyer for a spot in the Rajkot Test. His tentative start, surviving three close calls before reaching 25, exposed problematic areas in his technique. Gill’s inclination to thrust his pad ahead of the bat and struggles against incoming deliveries became apparent.

Gill’s stroke of luck began with a snicko review, overturning an LBW decision, and continued as he survived a close call from James Anderson. Despite these challenges, Gill’s century, with a mix of short-arm jabs and well-placed sweeps, propelled India to a total of 255, setting England a target of 399.

While Gill’s recent form raised concerns, he expressed the importance of staying true to his playing style. The road to redemption, he believed, involved embracing his natural aggression rather than succumbing to over-defensiveness. Gill’s stellar 2023 in white-ball cricket started reflecting in his innings as he confidently took on the English bowlers.

With batting-friendly conditions expected in the remaining Tests, Gill faces the challenge of maintaining his newfound confidence. The onus is on him to fix the technical glitches that could pose hurdles in the long run. The upcoming matches offer Gill an opportunity to solidify his comeback or risk returning to domestic cricket, a path laden with stiff competition.

As the series unfolds, all eyes will be on Shubman Gill, who, with this century, has not only revived his career but also set the stage for a potential turnaround in the India vs England Test series.

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