Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Strategic Mastery Against James Anderson Unveiled

The double centurion's meticulous preparation and calculated approach led to a memorable performance

In the lead-up to the Rajkot Test, Yashasvi Jaiswal’s meticulous approach to facing James Anderson’s onslaught came to the forefront. The double centurion, known for his methodical batting, took the initiative to fine-tune his skills with throw-down specialists in the nets just days before the crucial match.

Pointing to a specific spot on the length around off stump, Jaiswal directed the throw-down specialists to deliver balls slanting away or straightening outside off stump. His focus on leaving deliveries that angled across and defending only those on the off stump showcased his dedication to preparation.

Interestingly, the very kind of ball he practiced against got him out in the first innings, guiding a delivery to slips. Despite this, Jaiswal’s preparation played a crucial role in his achievement as the third youngest player to score two double hundreds.

In the second innings, having retired hurt due to lower-back spasms, Jaiswal demonstrated his adaptability. Starting cautiously, he played himself in before launching a dramatic offensive. Even after crossing the century mark, he resumed his innings as if starting from scratch, impressing both fans and opposing captain Ben Stokes.

Stokes remarked, “The way he took his time to get in, even today … he is a great player to watch.”

While Jaiswal’s double ton was marked by thunderous hits, including a hat-trick of sixes off Anderson, it was the subtle settling-in periods that underlined his batting approach and character.

James Anderson’s presence seemed to bring out the best in Jaiswal. During a crucial phase in the match, Anderson set a ring of fielders close to the batsman, challenging him to take on the reverse swing. Jaiswal responded by confidently playing big shots, forcing Anderson out of the attack.

Throughout the game, Jaiswal faced moments of advice and admonishment, notably from captain Rohit Sharma. A crucial moment in the second innings saw Sharma caution Jaiswal against playing a risky cut shot. Jaiswal’s response was impressive, adjusting his shot selection and showcasing his ability to adapt to in-game advice.

These subtle moments narrate the tale of Jaiswal’s batting prowess and character. As he looks ahead to challenges in England and Australia, critics may withhold their judgments, but one thing is certain – Jaiswal’s extensive preparation and unwavering readiness will define his future performances. Australia at the end of the year will be his next big test, but one thing is certain: he will do his preparations extensively and will be ready.

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