Shivraj Singh Chouhan cleanses the feet of the tribal man who urinated on him.

Wednesday, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan met Dashmat Rawat, a tribal community labourer who was seen being urinated on in a video, at his official residence in Bhopal and bathed his feet.

“Seeing that video was distressing. During a brief conversation with the man, Chouhan expressed regret and inquired about his profession and family. The conversation occurred after the CM had bathed the man’s feet, applied tilak to his forehead, garlanded him, and given him gifts.

Chouhan referred to the individual as “Sudama” before declaring, “Dashmat, you are now my friend.” According to PTI, Chouhan conversed with him on various other topics and inquired if state welfare programmes were reaching him.

Previously, the CM and Rawat planted a sapling in Bhopal’s Smart City Park.

The three-month-old video of the principal accused, Pravesh Shukla (30), urinating on Rawat in the Siddhi district has recently gone viral and ignited a political tempest in the state. On this issue, the Congress has targeted the governing BJP, claiming that Shukla is a BJP leader and associate of Siddhi MLA Kedarnath Shukla. The BJP has denied claims that the accused is a member of the BJP.

In response, Madhya Pradesh Police apprehended Shukla on Tuesday and charged him under the National Security Act (NSA). Wednesday, the MP authorities demolished a portion of his residence.

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