Parliament breach accused wanted to create anarchy to force govt to meet their unjust and illegal demands: police

Police Allege Protesters Wanted to Create Chaos to Force Government Concession

Delhi police argued in court Friday that the accused in the recent breach of parliament wanted to “create anarchy to compel the government to meet their unjust and illegal demands.” Additional Sessions Judge Dr. Hardeep Kaur granted 7-day police custody of Lalit Mohan Jha, described as the prime conspirator behind the protest.

Police say Jha admitted to being the mastermind and threw his phone away en route to Delhi. They accuse him of taking phones from all accused to destroy evidence and hide a larger conspiracy.

The remand document alleges the group wished to sow chaos to force government concession on unspecified “unjust and illegal demands.” It states police need more time to unearth the full conspiracy, including whether the accused had ties to enemy countries or terrorist groups.

Police also seek to clarify contradictory statements on destroyed phones and meeting locations, confront all accused together, and travel to their home states for further evidence gathering. Financial transactions and attack funding sources remain unclear as well.

The four other accused are already in 7-day custody. Police are scanning bank accounts for money trails potentially linked to questionable groups. They also want to investigate who else the accused informed of attack plans.

Lalit Mohan Jha worked as a teacher in Kolkata but surrendered in Delhi Thursday. He uploaded videos of two other accused, Neelam Azad and Amol Shinde, protesting outside parliament around the time Sagar and D. Manoranjan invaded parliament’s visitor gallery.

Vicky Sharma, accused of sheltering the group, was detained but released after questioning. Jha’s social media showed interest in various revolutionary figures. The accused face charges including conspiracy and terrorism.

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