Kejriwal: BJP offers money to Punjab MLAs to topple AAP government

It has been reported that there are 10 MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Punjab who are trying to break the state government.

BJP has approached us in Punjab, they are buying MLAs, breaking governments,” Kejriwal said.

On Tuesday, the AAP in Punjab accused the BJP of attempting to topple the Bhagwant Mann government by offering MLAs Rs 20-25 crore each. The AAP called the allegations “baseless” and “a bundle of lies” and challenged the ruling party to provide proof to back it up.

As part of “Operation Lotus”, Harpal Singh Cheema alleged that the BJP offered Rs 25 crore to seven to ten AAP legislators. They have been trying to buy our legislators out in the past week. There has been direct or indirect contact with seven to ten MLAs through their leaders and agents in Punjab and Delhi. According to Cheema, they promised our MLAs meetings with big-name Delhi officials and offered them Rs 25 crore each.

In response, Ashwani Sharma, chief of the Punjab BJP, said Cheema was making the accusations to β€œdistract attention” from the failure of the AAP government to fulfill promises to the people

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