A quack has been charged with murder after a man died after receiving an injection at his clinic.

Police stated on Monday that the owner of a clinic in Bundi district was arrested for allegedly providing an injection to a man who died hours later.The accused, a quack with a General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) diploma who is not a doctor, allegedly gave the victim a Monocef 500 mg injection last Monday after the victim went to the clinic with a cough and fever.

Later, he is accused of dumping the deceased’s body on a road in Indergarh.Om Prakash Gurjar, 38, of Devpura village in Indergarh Police Station area in Bundi district, was discovered dead on Sumerganj Mandi road in Indergarh town last Tuesday.

Based on a complaint filed by the deceased man’s kin, authorities launched an investigation and charged unnamed individuals with murder. According to authorities, Om Prakash went to a private clinic on Monday for a cough and fever.

According to Rameshwar Choudhary, circle inspector at Indergarh police station, the clinic’s proprietor, a GNM degree holder quack named Hariom Saini (35) injected him with Monocef 500. Om Prakesh’s condition deteriorated immediately after the injection, with low pulse and blood pressure, and he went unconscious and died later that day, according to the CI.

The accused discarded the body on the side of the road the same night with the help of an assistant.

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