Donor spends 11.6 billion for a child’s treatment of a rare genetic condition.

An anonymous donor contributed 11.6 crore to a Kerala family via the crowd-funding platform Milaap for the treatment of their 15-month-old child diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a rare genetic condition characterised by weakening in the movement-using muscles.

The contribution was made under the condition of anonymity. Sarang Menon and Aditi Nair, the child’s parents from Kerala’s Palakkad who now reside in Mumbai, expressed gratitude to the donor for sustaining their optimism. They reported that they now require only 80 million to cover the treatment costs.

The couple chose for crowd-funding because they could not afford the 17.5 crore required for the procedure. They visited with state minister Veena George and federal minister Nirmala Sitharaman to request a Tax exemption for their child’s imported medications.

Aahana Krishna, a Malayalam actor, solicited money via Instagram. Please allow five minutes. If 17 million of you donate $100 each, it totals $17 billion. It is quite likely,” she stated in her post.

A spokeswoman for Milaap stated that the organisation raised over 15 crore from 56,000 donors, which includes the anonymous donor’s contribution of 11.6 crore.

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