4 RSS workers were assaulted and 20 people were arrested in Haveri district, Karnataka

20 people were arrested on Friday in the Rattihalli area of Karnataka’s Haveri district, the district of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, for allegedly assaulting RSS workers who had attempted to map out the route for an RSS foot march.

“Some of those who visited the procession route were assaulted. Police have arrested 20 individuals in connection with this case. Regarding the attack on RSS workers, the Karnataka chief minister stated that the government would take legal action to stamp out these activities.

Workers were taking part in a week-long camp organized by a Dharwad RSS unit in Rattihalli. One of the camp workers, Chandrappa Hanumanthappa Koragar, filed a police complaint alleging that four workers were deployed to map out the route for a foot march scheduled for October 14.

A group of nearly 100 men attacked the four workers while surveying the route for the foot march on October 11 around 11.30 pm in a predominantly minority area. Rattihalli police filed an assault complaint. According to the local police, the incident was an accident because the victims’ identities were unclear.

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