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In Maharashtra, a woman’s body has been returned to the salt pit while the family waits for a forensic report; a doctor has been unable to determine whether she was sexually assaulted

The team that is forensic in JJ Hospital said it cannot determine if a woman from the Nandurbar district who was buried with her relatives in the salt pit during 44 consecutive days sexually assaulted.

“The body was partially decomposed, making it difficult to determine whether or not the sexual assault had been carried out,” said a doctor from the forensic department of the hospital.

The body of the woman was found hanging on August 1 , in the hamlet of 20km away from her home. Although the police had declared the death of her as suicide, and an autopsy performed on the body in the district hospital was able to rule out the possibility of foul murder, her father had claimed that she was raped by four males.

The family made the decision to keep the body in the salted pit to can get justice for the accused murder and rape. On Thursday, Nandurbar police exhumed the body and transported it into JJ Hospital on Thursday for another autopsy.

After the autopsy was completed the family members on Friday took the remains back to Nandurbar to be cremated. But, they chose to delay the cremation until they received another autopsy report. “We aren’t going to torch the body, as it contains proof that our daughter was sexually assaulted and killed with four criminals. We’ll be waiting to hear the report of an autopsy. If the report gives an unambiguous rebuke to the perpetrators and we are able to knock on the doors of the authority in charge,” the father of the deceased spoke to DeccanEra. “I believe the fact that she didn’t end her life,” he added.

A hospital official informed the hospital that, “There was a delay in the process. We have given the autopsy report and report to Dhadgaon police officers who were with on the funeral.”

Gokul Avtade, Senior Police Inspector of Dhadgaon and Dhadgaon, has told The Indian Express that he hasn’t yet received the official report from the autopsy. “We have initiated an FIR in accordance with Section 306 of IPC for the abetment of suicide, however as there wasn’t any evidence that alleged rape we were unable to charge anyone in Section 375. Afterward, the family requested an autopsy, which we obliged,” he said.

The body was returned the city of Dhadgaon via an ambulance, accompanied by police officers and a handful of village residents on a Friday evening. The father as well as other villager were travelling in a vehicle that stopped halfway through. He is trapped in Mumbai and has instructed his family members in Nandurbar to save the body.

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