Ruckus by Oppn adjourns LS till Monday even as Rajnath Singh says govt wants to discuss Manipur incident

Amid slogans and ruckus by the Opposition parties demanding a discussion on the Manipur incident, the day two of the Monsoon Session of Parliament proceedings saw the Lok Sabha being adjourned barely a few minutes after a brief statement on the issue by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Notably, a recent viral video showed two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 40s, from the Kuki-Zomi community being paraded naked and sexually assaulted in Manipur, sparking nationwide anger and condemnation. The clip came in the backdrop of the continued violence in the state, which has displaced several people from their houses and several deaths.

In his statement on Friday Singh said, “The situation in Manipur is very sensitive. Keeping this in mind, PM has himself said whatever happened in Manipur has put the whole country to shame. The Prime Minister also said that the strictest action should be taken…And we (too) want a discussion on the matter in the house.”

He went on to say that the Opposition is not taking the matter seriously and not allowing a discussion. “I see that some political parties are creating a situation so that no discussion on Manipur can occur. I want to clearly state that the Opposition is not as serious about the Manipur incident as it should be…Keeping the seriousness of the Manipur incident in mind, I repeat there should be a discussion. I urge that the Opposition also take it seriously.”

Meanwhile, slogans such as “Manipur me hatya band karo, Pradhan Mantri jawab do (stop murders in Manipur, Prime Minister speak up)” rent the air and placards reading ‘Manipur is burning, PM speak about it’ were seen dotting the Opposition benches. Amid a ruckus, the Lok Sabha proceedings had to be adjourned.

When the House reconvened at 12 noon, slogans continued even as the ministers placed their listed matters on the table. The disruptions led to the House being adjourned again till Monday morning.

Before adjourning the House, Speaker Om Birla asked the Opposition, “Do you not want the House to run? Do you not want to have the question hour? Will sloganeering resolve the problems? It (problems) will resolve through discussions and debates…by talking.” With the disruptions not stopping, he then threw the floor open to Singh.

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