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 Uttarakhand budget allots Rs 1,000 crore for work in subsidence-affected districts.

Uttarakhand Budget, tabled in the Assembly on Wednesday by Finance Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal, declared an allocation of Rs 1,000 crore for relief works in Joshimath and other land subsidence-affected districts, with a total income expenditure of Rs 77,407 crore for 2023-24.

It devotes the most money to education and youth welfare (Rs 10,459.55 crore), followed by health (Rs 4,217.87 crore).

Aggarwal stated that a proposal had been submitted to the Centre in order to obtain a relief package to assist owners of land and structures impacted by landslides and subsidence. According to him, the state government is undertaking a damage assessment survey through a district-level committee and plans to assist in building restoration.

Aggarwal described it as an inclusive Budget that reaches out to youth, farmers, and women while prioritising the poor. He emphasised seven key points: investment in human capital, inclusive development, better availability of healthcare facilities, increase in capital expenditure, seamless and secure connectivity, technology-based development, and coordination between ecology and economy.

The budget includes Rs 40 crore for the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Programme, which aims to promote horticulture, agriculture, entrepreneurship, self-help groups, and self-employment. It announced Rs 26.21 lakh crore for the establishment of a Science City and Science Centres, as well as Rs 101 crore for a Dehradun Metro Rail project. A budget of Rs 100 crore has been set out for the G-20 conference.

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