“Jaishankar’s father said…”: Trinamool MP Jawhar Sircar wonders if the foreign minister has lost his memory.

Former bureaucrat and Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Jawhar Sircar asked if foreign minister S Jaishankar has lost his memory or is just “cuddling up to the BJP for his unprecedented promotion as foreign minister.” “It’s strange that Jaishanker got angry at the Gandhis after being their most loyal servant and getting the best jobs while working for them.” the former government worker said.

*This comes after Jaishankar gave an interview to ANI editor Smita Prakash in which he talked about how he went from being a diplomat to a politician. Jaishankar said that he joined the BJP because it is the best party for India’s rise and progress at the right time.

As Jaishankar criticised the Congress, he said that Indira Gandhi fired his father, Dr. K. Subrahmanyam, from his job as secretary of defence production when she returned to power in 1980. During the time of Rajiv Gandhi, his father was replaced by someone younger. “And everyone would say that he knew the most about defence,” Jaishankar said about his father.

In that situation, Jawhar Sircar said something Jaishankar’s father said about the riots in Gujarat. “K Subramanyam said ‘Dharma was killed in Gujarat (2002 Riots). Those who didn’t do anything to protect innocent people are guilty of adharma. Rama would have used his bow to fight the “Asura” rulers of Gujarat. Son, you shouldn’t serve Asura!” Sircar sent a tweet.

The Gujarat riots were at the centre of the dispute between the BBC and India’s income tax department. This happened after the BBC, which is based in the UK, released a two-part documentary on the riots that questioned Narendra Modi’s role. The Trinamool MP said, “As Jaishankar said in his interview that the timing of the BBC documentary is not a coincidence and is more political, “The question is whether or not the facts shown are true. Could the Modi government save thousands of lives by being less kind?”

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