You have made the nation proud: Prime Minister tells NDRF Personnel in Turkey

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with NDRF personnel who had recently returned from Turkey, where they had participated in search and rescue efforts following the February 6 earthquake. Modi praised the work of the team and stated that the NDRF should strive to be the best reaction force in the world.

The 151 personnel, led by NDRF director general Atul Karwal, and other authorities described their experiences during the operation to the Prime Minister. That was the first time since the Nepal earthquake of 2015 that the NDRF has dispatched an international rescue team.

Modi described his experience as a volunteer following the Gujarat earthquake of 2001. “Even the hospitals in Bhuj were crowded. I am aware of the difficulty of removing rubble and rescuing individuals. I am familiar with the effort and bravery required to work in such rescue missions. For this, I would want to salute you… The entire country is proud of you,” he addressed the NDRF members.

Modi stated that the NDRF should record the lessons its members learned in Turkey. “During our contact, I asked you about the activities of other nations and the equipment they employed. Each of you has your own story. You have observed the challenges for which we should be prepared and how to address them. You have acquired numerous new skills. All of this needs to be documented, he stated.

India dispatched three NDRF teams to Turkey as part of Operation Dost. After the earthquake, the force rescued two youngsters who had been stranded for more than 84 hours and assisted local authorities in locating at least 85 bodies.

The Prime Minister also praised the NDRF’s rescue dogs. The NDRF’s six canines, Romeo, Julie, Bob, Roxy, Rambo, and Honey, assisted people in locating two 6- and 8-year-old girls who were still alive.

“You have brought honour to the nation. Your acts have demonstrated that when any nation requires assistance, India swiftly responds. When a nation needs assistance, our country places humanity first. Inspiring is the speed with which the NDRF reached Turkey. The entire nation witnessed images of a mother blessing you and another of you rescuing a young girl. Your service and professionalism made us proud. I honour you,” Modi said to the NDRF personnel.

During his engagement, Modi stated that India is not only self-sufficient but also a leader in delivering selfless assistance to other countries. He discussed India’s role in assisting people in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Nepal, as well as its efforts to provide countries with medicines and vaccines.

“Whenever outsiders see the Tricolor, they recognise India’s arrival. There is optimism that conditions will improve. NDRF is everywhere, whether a hurricane, flood, or earthquake is occurring. People from outside India have faith in the presence of NDRF personnel on the ground. Expectations are high. This is a huge accomplishment… We may not pause here. He continued, “We must be the best in the world.”

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